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Administrative Staff

Name and Title Phone Email
Jason Balog
Operations Coordinator, Leadership Programs
(909) 448-4369
Irene Beltran
Community College Liaison/Advisor
Bryan Best
Senior Instructional Technologist, LaFetra Innovation Lab
(909) 448-4613
Christian Bracho
Co-Director, Center for Educational Equity and Intercultural Research
(909) 448-4694
Marcella Camberos
Business Manager, LFCE
(909) 448-4629
Lawrence Gaona
Academic Advisor III & Senior Analyst
(909) 448-4676
Lourdes Jackson
LFCE Administrative Assistant II
(909) 448-1552
Juli Johnson
Assistant Director, LFCE Assessment and Accreditation
(909) 448-4671
Samuel Ketenjian
Administrative Assistant II
(661) 362-5876
Yvette Latunde
Co-Director, Center for Educational Equity and Intercultural Research
Ruth Lindhorst
Academic Advisor III
(909) 448-4566
Shawna Moon
Academic Advisor II & Credential Analyst
(909) 448-4604
Leeshawn Moore
Director, Institutional Research
(909) 448-4923
Jessica Morales
Administrative Assistant II
(909) 448-4084
Jennifer Perez
Administrator, LFCE
(909) 448-1495
Maria Reyes
Credential Specialist
(909) 448-4585
Veronica Romero
LFCE Field Work Specialist
(909) 448-4427
Janie Stahly
Coordinator, Literacy Clinic
(909) 448-4660
Lynn Stanton-Riggs
Associate Provost
(909) 448-4625
Pat Taylor
Associate Professor, Education & Coordinator of Special Education Programs
(909) 448-4637
Kristan Venegas
Associate Dean, Educational Transformation and Faculty Affairs
Kimberly White-Smith
Dean, LaFetra College of Education
(909) 448-4583

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