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Doctor of Education inOrganizational Leadership

The University of La Verne’s Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership program is renowned for developing scholarly practitioners who understand and apply theory to practice in a variety of venues, including education, business, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. The doctoral program is recognized for its exceptional completion rate and the success of its graduates who have distinguished themselves in their professional fields.

The Ed.D. program consists of 54 units or 18 courses that focus on leadership core topics and research. La Verne’s faculty are committed to helping students succeed and provide hands-on organizational experience.

To provide maximum convenience and flexibility, Learning Groups designed to support doctorate candidates meet at several locations throughout Southern California, including Irvine, College of the Canyons, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Riverside, La Verne, and online.

Leadership Development Plan

The Ed.D. curriculum includes a different aspect of leadership focus for every year of study. Year One builds the base through topics on personal/interpersonal development and leadership theory. Year Two builds on the personal to include working with others in teams and groups. Year Three expands further to look at organizations and systems and change management. In the third year of study, students also begin to focus on their dissertation. Overall, students study the personal and interpersonal areas of leadership, learn to build leadership in groups and teams, and develop organizational skills over the course of three years.

The program is developmental and sequenced in a purposeful manner; it combines both in-person and technology-based learning. Students take classes on-campus but also participate in virtual learning sessions, which accommodate busy, working professionals. There are also regional learning groups coached by leaders with doctorate degrees who help students with learning, skill building, and networking. These learning groups comprise students from all three years of the program. This integration of students provides mentoring and support for the newer students with years two and three.

Program Outcomes

Classes such as Conflict Management, Decision Making, and Organizational Development teach key leadership skills that prepare professionals for real-life applications outside of the classroom. More than 80% of students in this program experience job advancement before graduation. Hundreds of graduates now hold superintendent roles or positions in higher education. Graduates have also gone on to pursue careers in healthcare, law enforcement, and industry.

Since 1976, the University of La Verne’s Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership has prepared individuals to be value-centered, visionary, and authentic leaders who inspire trust and collaboration.

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