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Center forEducational Leadership

LaFetra College of Education’s Center for Educational Leadership (CEL) at the University of La Verne is a leading research and professional development center dedicated to elevating the work of educational leaders and improving educational outcomes for all students and championing social equity. CEL provides a variety of resources and services to support educational leaders at all levels, from classroom teachers to school administrators to policymakers, equipping and empowering them to be highly skilled practitioners, educational advocates, and leaders.


CEL’s work is grounded in the belief that effective leadership is essential to creating a high-quality education system. Specifically, CEL aims to:

  • Be a recognized expert on leadership best practices
  • Inform and enrich the best leadership practices in all aspects of the education system
  • Provide cutting-edge professional learning and services to educational leaders
  • Develop and empower a network of educational leaders, including teacher leaders, school administrators, and policymakers
  • Develop partnerships with educational institutions at the local, state, national, and international levels and participate in leadership development efforts
  • Facilitate the accumulation of knowledge and expertise regarding leadership in education
  • Advance research through academic publications, conference presentations, and open seminars and workshops
  • Engage with an advisory board to ensure the relevance of CEL’s offerings and, where appropriate, expand the work to other community leadership efforts