Teaching, MA – Multiple Subject Credential

Students enrolled in the Multiple Subject Teaching Credential complete 33 units of credential coursework and 12 units of advanced coursework. For the advanced courses, students may select a concentration that is relevant to their professional goals.


Employment for kindergarten and elementary school teachers is projected to grow 7 percent from 2016 to 2026, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, as the number of students enrolling
in public kindergarten and elementary schools is expected to increase over the coming decade.


Total Units: 45

Core Courses: 33 units

Code Course Title Units
EDUC 425 Language and Literacy, Multiple Subject 4
EDUC 426 Introductory Teaching Practices, Multiple Subject 4
EDUC 440 Intermediate Teaching Practices, Multiple Subject 4
EDUC 441 Advanced Teaching Practices, Multiple Subject 4
EDUC 491 Subject Specific Pedagogy – History, PE, and Visual/Performing Arts 4
EDUC 492 Subject Specific Pedagogy – Math and Science 4
EDUC 497 Introductory Supervised Teaching 3
EDUC 498 Advanced Supervised Teaching 6

Concentration 1 – Teaching and Learning

Bakersfield, La Verne, Oxnard, and Santa Clarita Campuses

This option emphasizes current issues in the field of education and skills for action research.

Code Course Title Units
EDUC 501 Educational Assessment 3
EDUC 504 Research Methods 3
EDUC 590 Issues in Teaching 3
EDUC 594 Thesis or  
EDUC 596 Graduate Seminar 3

Concentration 2 – Educational Technology

La Verne campus only

This option emphasizes teaching, pedagogy, theory, and resources used in traditional or flipped classrooms.

Code Course Title Units
EDTC 551 Learning Theory and Technology as New Literacy 3
EDTC 552 Instructional Design and Mobile Learning Applications 3
EDTC 553 Student Directed Learning and Collaborative 3
EDTC 554 Authentic Assessment and Research Practicum 3

Concentration 3 – Teacher Leadership

La Verne campus only

This option emphasizes teaching, coaching, and collaboration to implement practices that enhance student success.

Code Course Title Units
EDLD 570 Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment 3
EDLD 572 Foundations of Educational Leadership 3
EDLD 573 Contemporary Issues in California Schools 3
EDUC 593 Research and Assessment 3

Concentration 4 – Special Education

La Verne and Bakersfield campuses only

This option emphasizes working with learners with mild/moderate special education needs.

Code Course Title Units
SPED 502 Disabilities/Bio-Neurology 3
SPED 504 Current Issues Policies SPED 3
SPED 505 Advanced Positive Behavior Support: Theory and Practice 3
EDUC 593 Research and Assessment 3

Concentration 5 – Child Development

La Verne campus only

This option emphasizes understanding the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development of children.

Code Course Title Units
ASCD 503 Educational Psychology 3
ASCD 550 Human Development 3
ASCD 518 Language, Reading, and Concept Development, or  
ASCD 551 Studies in Attachment, or  
ASCD 558 Cognition and Brain Development 3
EDUC 593 Research and Assessment 3

Concentration 6 – Teaching and Learning: Bilingual Emphasis

La Verne campus only

This degree program is designed for students who seek a focus on current issues and methodologies in bilingual/multilingual education. Because 2 core courses will be offered in Spanish, candidates who choose this pathway should be able to engage with course instruction delivered in Spanish. The program is practical in nature and focuses on action research. It culminates in a project or paper structured to help teachers improve their instructional and leadership abilities.

Code Course Title Units
EDUC 413 Methodology for Primary Language Instruction in the Bilingual Environment (Offered in Spanish) 3
EDUC 561 Cultural Diversity (Offered in Spanish) 3
EDLD 519 Language and Literacy Development for English Language Learners 3
EDUC 593 Assessment and Research for Educators 3