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Master of Arts inTeaching

The Master of Arts in Teaching program is for those who want to shape the future of California’s youth, their families, and community by becoming an influential elementary, middle, or high school teacher. The program is specifically designed to meet the needs of California’s diverse student population, emphasizing language development, cultural diversity, and humanistic approaches to the learning process. Integrated throughout the programs are methodologies to deliver comprehensive instruction to English learners and to work with special populations in the general education classroom.

Enhanced Intern Credential

If a student has successfully completed the Constitution requirement, completed the first term courses (EDUC 425 and EDUC 426 OR EDUC 427 and EDUC 428), completed subject matter competence, has a 3 or better on the writing assessment, and has a contract in a public school, he or she will be eligible to apply for an enhanced intern credential.

Fieldwork and Student Teaching

The program requires supervised fieldwork and student teaching across all courses. The university’s Clinical Teaching Office will assist students in finding placements for this work.