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Master of ScienceSpecial Education Studies

Beginning in Fall 2020, the University of La Verne will no longer offer the Master of Science in Special Education Studies. We have revised our program to more closely align with our Masters of Arts in Teaching program and to reduce the number of units required to complete the degree and meet state level requirements.

This alignment will deepen our graduates’ capacity to work with diverse student populations in all classrooms. Furthermore, this re-alignment is consistent with standards of the profession and maintains our social justice emphasis.

If you are interested in earning a credential that will allow you to work with all types of learners, we encourage you to learn more about the Master of Arts in Teaching program. This program has recently been updated to allow our students to pursue a Mild/Moderate Education Specialist Preliminary Credential while working on a master’s degree. Students have the option of pursuing a Mild/Moderate Education Specialist Preliminary Credential with the master’s degree or can add a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential to earn two credentials in a single master’s degree program.