Total program: 30-33 semester hours

Foundation Requirements: 9 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
EDLD 570 Instructional Leadership* 3
EDLD 572 Foundations of Educational Leadership* 3
EDLD 573 Contemporary Issues in California Schools* 3

Administrative Leadership Concentration: 12-15 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
EDLD 571 Human Resource Administration* 3
EDLD 574 A, B, C Field Experience* 1,1,1
EDLD 576 Organization Management and School/Community Collaboration* 3
EDLD 577 Fiscal Resources Management and Policy Development* 3
EDLD 578 School Law* 3

Research and Culminating Courses: 9 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
EDLD 502 Educational Research and Inquiry 3
EDLD 504 Methods of Research 3
EDLD 596 Graduate Seminar 3

*Required for the California State Preliminary Administrative Services Credential/Certificate of Eligibility

California Administrator Performance Assessment (CalAPA)

The California Administrator Performance Assessment consists of three leadership performance tasks which are embedded into course work and field experiences. Candidates must pass these performance tasks to be recommended for the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential/ Certificate of Eligibility.

MasterÔÇÖs Degree in Educational Leadership with Law Concentration (MED/JD)

JD students at the University of La VerneÔÇÖs College of Law may apply for admission to the Educational Leadership MEd program to earn a second degree.

Law courses are reviewed for acceptance; students may request to transfer up to 12 law semester hours toward the MEd degree.