Degree Requirements

Total Program: 64 semester hours

SPSY 510School Psychology Practicum I1
SPSY 511Legal and Ethical Foundations in School Psychology3
SPSY 512Counseling Theory: Developmental & Biological Foundations3
SPSY 513Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in School Psychology2
SPSY 514Professional Practice Foundations of the School Psychology Leader2
Total Semester Hours11
SPSY 520School Psychology Practicum II1
SPSY 521Intro to Psychoeducational Assessment3
SPSY 522Psychopathology & Social Emotional Learning3
SPSY 523Individual Counseling Children & Adolescents2
SPSY 524Group Counseling: Intervention & Strategies2
SPSY 528Multi-tiered Interventions & Instructional Supports3
SPSY 529Psychoeducational Assessment, Measurement, & Testing2
Total Semester Hours16
SPSY 530School Psychology Practicum III1
SPSY 531Psychoeducational Assessment & Achievement3
SPSY 532Consultation, Collaboration & Partnerships in Schools3
SPSY 533Crisis Intervention & Healing Centered Practices2
SPSY 534Neuropsychology of Learning Disabilities2
SPSY 540School Psychology Practicum IV1
SPSY 541Advanced Psychoeducational Assessment3
SPSY 542Behavioral Analysis & Classroom Intervention3
SPSY 543Diversity in Assessment, Evaluation, and Intervention2
SPSY 544Foundations & Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis2
Total Semester Hours22
SPSY 550Fieldwork Supervision in School Psychology I3
SPSY 556Data, Research & Program Evaluation3
SPSY 570Fieldwork Supervision in School Psychology II3
SPSY 576Professional Seminar in School Psychology3
One of the following:3
SPSY 580
Advanced Assessment in Neuropsychology
Elective from Recommended LFCE class
Total Semester Hours15

Passing score on the National School Psychology Praxis Exam to be recommended for the PPS Credential in School Psychology.

*Fieldwork/Internship must be completed within one academic year but shall be completed within no more than two consecutive academic years. (This is a mandate from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing).

Internship Requirements

A student may qualify for the School Psychology Internship Credential if he or she:

  • Has passed the CBEST
  • Has a Certificate of Clearance
  • Has successfully completed the following courses:
    • ASCD 503 and 550, SPSY 502, 535, 547, 549, 560, 564, 567, 571, 572, 573, 574, 577, 578, 579, 586A-I, 586A-II, 587 B-III, 587B-IV, and a 3-unit elective with a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Has received district certified letter of intent to hire