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There are four Masters of Science degrees offered within the Educational Counseling program in the LaFetra College of Education. Each degree is designed to develop academically well-prepared counselors in a school setting, stressing the development of candidates who can be leaders, advocates and social change agents in education and the larger community. Foundation and mastery courses within these programs are designed to meet the needs of California’s diverse community.

A benefit is that candidates have the opportunity to complete a California Pupil Personnel Service Credential (PPS), specialization in School Counseling offering the potential to garner employment while finishing the Master’s degree. Candidates also have the opportunity to pursue an internship status as Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (LPCC) issued by the Board of Behavioral Sciences to garner additional employment opportunities while finishing the Master’s degree. In addition to the four masters degrees offered, individuals who possess a clear Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) Credential may apply for an advance PPS credential in Child Welfare and Attendance (pending final approval by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing).

Educational Counseling, M.S. A 46 unit master’s degree, preparing qualified candidates to serve in community based organizations or colleges. (Requires PPS 583A & PPS 583B)
Educational Counseling, M.S. with Pupil Personnel Services Credential (PPS) A 48 unit master’s degree and credential, which has been approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing and prepares qualified candidates to become professional school counselors in grades K-12. (Requires PPS 583A, PPS 583B & PPS 583C)
Educational Counseling, M.S. with PPS Credential with a concentration in Spanish Bilingual Bicultural Counseling (SBBC) A 57 unit master’s degree and credential which uniquely prepares qualified candidates for working with Latina/o students in California schools. (Requires PPS 583A, PPS 583B & PPS 583C)
Educational Counseling, M.S. with PPS Credential with a concentration in School and Family Based Counseling (SFBC) A 60 unit master’s degree and credential which satisfies the educational requirements of the Board of Behavioral Sciences toward the Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) and prepares qualified candidates for the PPS credential. (Requires PPS 583A, PPS 583B & PPS 584)


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