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Student Fieldwork Resources

A Fieldwork Handbook and course syllabus with detailed information and course assignments will be provided by your University Faculty Supervisor.

PPS 583 A/B/C: Supervised Fieldwork Documents

Below is the general process for obtaining and documenting fieldwork placement. For specific, detailed information please refer to the Fieldwork Handbook and course syllabus.

  1. Submit an application for fieldwork placement based on the Educational Counseling preferred sites handout for your area and in alignment with your professional goals.
  2. Submit a copy of your school counselor liability insurance policy to your fieldwork instructor before starting work at your approved site. Insurance must cover the entire time period you will be at your site.
  3. Complete a Fieldwork Site Agreement and turn it in to your University Faculty Supervisor before starting fieldwork at the approved site.
  4. Complete Fieldwork Objectives for your approved site and submit them to your University Faculty Supervisor no more than two (2) weeks after starting at your approved site.
  5. Complete Weekly Activity Logs. Contact your University Faculty Supervisor for the weekly log.
  6. After completing work at your approved site, obtain a Verification of Hours letter on site letterhead stationery.
  7. Evaluations:
  8. Finalize your paperwork and submit it for course credit no more than two (2) weeks after finishing your hours.