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Multiple or Single Subject Teaching Credential

The Multiple or Single Subject Teaching Credential program prepares students to be influential and effective educators in California’s K-12 schools. Both programs are available at the university’s La Verne, Bakersfield, and Santa Clarita campuses, with starts in fall, spring, and summer.

The program is 33 units of coursework, which include a combination of teaching methodology courses and fieldwork. Once enrolled in the program, students will need to complete an application before they can begin student teaching, which consists of 15 weeks of in-classroom training and an assessment of their teaching performance.

Students have the option of taking just 12 more units in order to complete the coursework for the Master of Arts in Teaching.

What’s the difference between a Multiple Subject and a Single Subject Teaching Credential?

Students interested in becoming licensed teachers in the state of California are required to demonstrate competence in the subject matter they’ll be teaching. A multiple subject credential authorizes the holder to teach in public schools in a self contained classroom, teaching multiple subjects to the same students. A single subject credential authorizes the holder to teach one specific subject to middle and high school students.

Teaching Credential Coursework

The core coursework for the teaching credential program also fulfills the requirements for the core coursework in the Master of Arts in Teaching.

Multiple Subject Candidates only

  • Language and Literacy, Multiple Subject
  • Introductory Teaching Practices, Multiple Subject
  • Intermediate Teaching Practices, Multiple Subject
  • Advanced Teaching Practices, Multiple Subject
  • Subject Specific Pedagogy – History, PE, and Visual/Performing Arts
  • Subject Specific Pedagogy – Math and Science
  • Introductory Supervised Teaching
  • Advanced Supervised Teaching

Learn more about the Multiple Subject Credential.

Single Subject Candidates only

  • Language and Literacy, Single Subject
  • Introductory Teaching Practices, Single Subject
  • Intermediate Teaching Practices, Single Subject
  • Advanced Teaching Practices, Single Subject
  • A-J* Subject Specific Pedagogy (*Must enroll in your content area)
  • Foundations in Teaching Single Subject
  • Introductory Supervised Teaching
  • Advanced Supervised Teaching

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MA in Teaching Program Options

Students wishing to take an additional 12 units to complete the master’s degree can select from a variety of options for their concentration coursework that allow them to explore different topics and gain introductory-level exposure to other disciplines within the field of education. Find out more about the MA in Teaching program options.

  Duration Location
Teaching & Learning 2 years Bakersfield, La Verne, and Santa Clarita campuses
Educational Technology 3 years La Verne campus only
Teacher Leadership 3 years La Verne campus only
Special Education 3.5 years La Verne and Bakersfield campuses only
Child Development 3 years La Verne campus only

Teaching Credential Program Accreditation

Recognized as an innovator in the development of leaders, care professionals, and educators in Southern California, the LaFetra College of Education has received state (California Commission on Teacher Credentialing) accreditation.

Enhanced Intern Credential

After completing the first semester of courses and other prerequisites, students will be eligible to apply for an Enhanced Intern Credential—a temporary credential that allows them to work as a paid intern in a public school while they finish their teaching credential.

Fieldwork and Student Teaching

The program requires supervised fieldwork and student teaching across all courses. The university has partnerships with more than 200 school districts, and our Clinical Teaching Office will place students at school sites for supervised fieldwork and student teaching.

Learn more about the Single/Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

Prepare to teach and guide the next generation–earn your Single or Multiple Subject Teaching Credential through the Master of Arts in Teaching program at La Verne. Ready to start your journey? Request more information today.