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Transitional Kindergarten Certificate

Transitional Kindergarten Teaching Certificate

Established in 1891, the University of La Verne is a non-profit, independent university that is proud of its history of responding to the emerging needs of the teaching community in California. The expansion of Transitional Kindergarten (TK) offerings in California (Senate Bill AB130) calls for teachers to have knowledge, skills, and strategies to teach effectively in an early childhood setting. We are pleased to offer the following pathways to support districts as they scale their TK workforce.

  • Designed for credentialed multiple subject teachers
  • Six fully on-line classes (4 upper division units each)
  • 8-week sessions (certificate can be completed in one year)
  • Intentionally designed for working professionals
  • Purposeful student collaboration
  • Support services include video/phone conferencing, library access, the Academic Success Center, and more
  • Course offerings are customizable based on district needs

Courses are designed around the California Learning System which includes Foundations and Framework and The Alignment of the California Preschool Learning Foundations with California Content and Common Core State Standards.


All courses require a preliminary or clear K–8 teaching credential.

EDUC 480 TK Childhood and Adolescent Development
EDUC 481 TK Childhood Observation and Assessment
EDUC 482 TK Childhood, Family and Community Relationships
EDUC 483 TK Childhood Language and Literacy Development
EDUC 484 TK Childhood Math and Science Development
EDUC 485 TK Childhood Social-Emotional Learning and Development

Degree Options

Upon completion of the TK – Early Childhood Coursework, students may exercise an option to transfer 21 certificate units to a master’s degree. Interested students will apply to the master’s degree program and upon acceptance, will complete an additional 12 units (four 3-unit courses) to complete their degree.

Tuition and Fees

District tuition rates are available for eligible employees. Please reach out for more information.

Ready to apply?

La Verne’s transitional kindergarten certificates have multiple start dates throughout the  year; join the next cohort today!

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TK Certificate

For more information, please contact Holly Buckley at (909) 448-4907.


TE Credential

For additional details about credentialing, please contact Shana Matamala at (909) 448-4622.