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Integrated Teacher Preparation Program

Admission Requirement

The Integrated Teacher Preparation program requires a 2.75 GPA for admission with a minimum 3.0 required for credential courses, a writing assessment, and a face-to-face interview with the program chair or designee. Students must be fully matriculated into the program by the end of the fall semester of their freshman year.  Semester advising appointments are required throughout the four years to monitor progress according to the requirements of the accelerated GPA and portfolio requirements. Students who do not progress according to the requirements of the accelerated program may be counseled into the traditional B.A. Educational Studies program.  Upon successful completion of the second year of the Integrated Teacher Preparation program, students will interview with the Director of the Teacher Education program or designee for authorization to advance to prerequisites for the credential portion of the program. Advancement will be determined by an interview, writing sample, current GPA (minimum 3.0 required) and recommendation from the B.A program chair. All Integrated Teacher Preparation students must obtain cleared fingerprints (Dept. of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the California Child Abuse Index)). Applicable fees apply.  A record of current immunizations must be on file.

Total program: 54 semester hours (24 semester hours B.A. + 33 semester hours Credential)

Advancement to Candidacy requires the completion of 21 semester hours with a minimum GPA of 3.0, an application for graduation, and the completion of specific assessments required by the College’s assessment system.


For Prerequisites, Admission Requirements, and Undergraduate (BA) Graduation Requirements, see the Educational Studies section in the Undergraduate Studies section of this catalog.

Core Requirements: 24 Semester Hours

Code Course Title Units
EDUC 306 Writing with Purpose 4
EDUC 310 Schools in Society 4
EDUC 349 Visual and Performing Arts 4
EDUC 350 Child Psychology and Development 4
EDUC 407 Technology & Digital Literacy 4
EDUC 499D Teaching K-8 Social Studies 4

Credential Courses: 33 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
EDUC 425 Internet in the Classroom for K-12 Educators 4
EDUC 426 Childhood Environments: Culture, Education and Media 4
EDUC 440 Sex, Drugs and Health Education 4
EDUC 441 Advanced Teaching Practices, Multiple Subject 4
EDUC 491 Subject Specific Pedagogy – History, PE, and Visual/Performing Arts 3
EDUC 492 Subject Specific Pedagogy – Math and Science 3
EDUC 497 Introductory Supervised Teaching 3
EDUC 498 Advanced Supervised Teaching 8