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Total program: 44 semester hours

Educational Studies Statute of Limitations

Because of continuous changes in the field of education, admissible transfer courses must be taken within the last seven years at an accredited university or college. Additionally, courses previously taken at the University of La Verne must also be less than seven years old to be accepted into the current degree.

Core Requirements: 44 Semester Hours

Code Course Title Units
EDUC 306 Writing with Purpose 4
EDUC 310 Schools in Society 4
EDUC 325 Children’s Literature 4
EDUC 330 Principles of Physical Education 4
EDUC 349 Visual and Performing Arts 4
EDUC 350 Child Psychology and Development 4
EDUC 385 History, Culture & Society 4
EDUC 389 Mathematics in the 21st Century 4
EDUC 390 Science Literacy for all in the 21st Century 4
EDUC 407 Technology & Digital Literacy 4
EDUC 499D Senior Seminar for Educational Studies Major 4

Recommended Elective Courses: 8 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
EDUC 305 Internet in the Classroom for K-12 Educators 2
EDUC 252 Childhood Environments: Culture, Education and Media 4
EDUC 420 Sex, Drugs and Health Education 2

Concentration* (optional): 12 upper division semester hours

Completion of an approved concentration in one of the following areas: Child Development, English, Fine Arts, Human Development, Languages and Literature, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Kinesiology, Natural and Social Sciences, Special Education and Teacher Education.

* – Main Campus/CAPA students only. ROC students check with academic advisor for availability.