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Intern Teaching

For Multiple Subject and Single Subject Teaching Credential Candidates

If you are admitted to the Multiple Subject or Single Subject Teaching credential program, and you are interested in an internship, please submit the Intern Program Request Form to begin the process of admission to the internship program.

If you are approved for admission to the internship program, an academic eligibility letter can be written. If a school district makes an offer of employment in an internship position, the university must confirm the position and the school site. The University will also verify if the School-Site Support Provider meets the requirements for the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Upon approval you will be guided through the internship credential application process. Interns must register in EDUC 467 Intern Teaching every term/semester unless you are enrolled in Student Teaching (EDUC 497 and EDUC 498).

Forms for Interns

Forms for Interns
  1. Into/Through/ Beyond Lesson Plan Template
  2. Lesson Plan Template for Intern Teaching
  3. EDUC 467 Portfolio Organization Requirements
  4. EDUC 467 Focus Goals
  5. Intern Classroom Management Plan
  6. Intern Program Requirements
  7.  Intern Syllabus
  8. Intern Support Log
Forms for University Supervisors
  1. Observation Form
  2. Electronic Observation Form
Forms for School-Site Support Providers
  1.  Intern School-Site Support Provider Verification of Experience
  2. Observation Form
  3. Electronic Observation Form