Foundation/Prerequisites Courses

The foundation courses a student must fulfill is determined by the chairperson’s review of the student’s undergraduate coursework, professional work experience with children and the score of the writing assessment. If foundation courses are needed, they must be among the first courses taken (unless approved by the chairperson).

Code Course Title Units
EDUC 350 Child Psychology and Development 4
EDUC 352 Writing for Child Development 1-4
EDUC 353 Teaching in a Diverse Society 4
EDUC 354P Early Childhood Observation & Assessment Practicum 4
EDUC 451 Infant and Toddler Development 4
EDUC 452 Parenting Theory in Cultural Contexts 4
EDUC 454P Early Childhood Student Teaching 4
SPED 401 Assessment Education Specialist Professionalism 3
SPED 402 Culturally Responsive Instruction, Mindfulness, and Inclusivity 3
SPED 457 Introduction to Exceptional Individuals and Their Families 3
ASCD 550 Human Development 3
ASCD 551 Studies in Attachment 3
ASCD 558 Cognition and Brain Development 3
ASCL 599 Child Life Independent Study (with the approval of the Chairperson) 3

Total program: 36 semester hours for M.S.

Core Courses: 33 semester hours
Code Course Title Units
ASCL 504 Research Methods 3
ASCL 530 Child Life Administration and Program Development 3
ASCL 530A Multi-Cultural Family Centered Care Class 3
ASCL 530C Outreach and Technology for the Child Life Educators 3
ASCL 530H Effects of the Disease and Injury on the Hospitalized Child 3
ASCL 530I Child Life Assessment, Preparation and Medical Terminology 3
ASCL 530M Helping Children Cope in the Health Care and Medical Setting 3
ASCL 530S Developmental Issues of Grieving 3
ASCL 530T Pediatric Educational and Therapeutic Interventions 3
ASCL 553F Child Life Internship I 3
ASCL 553P Child Life Internship II 3

Culminating Activity: 3 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
ASCL 596 Graduate Seminar 3