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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the technology requirements for online?

  • Daily high-speed Internet access
  • Up to date plug-ins: Java, Flash
  • Head set with microphone
  • Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

How much time will it take each week? Online time? Offline time?

  • Off line reading and writing reports take the same amount of time as in a face-to-face class: 6-9 hours per week
  • Online time takes another 2-4 hours

How long will the program take?

Students study at their own pace. This is a semester based, on-campus program, so students may plan their schedules to meet their personal needs. Most students take two years; 18 months is probably the shortest time possible.

How long is each semester?

La Verne semesters are 16 weeks long. There is a summer term that is 10 weeks.

How do I enroll?

Applications are available online. Materials should be sent to the graduate admissions office on campus: 1950 Third Street, La Verne, CA 91750

Will I have to come to campus?

An admission interview is required, but this interview can be done online. One course requires one presentation on a Saturday to the whole class, which can also be done online. All other work can be done asynchronously at any time of day or night.

What kind of assignments can I expect and how are they graded?

All courses require weekly readings and research or term papers. Weekly work also requires discussion boards and other activities that involve student-to-student interaction such as blogs and wikis. Most assignments and activities are graded using rubrics that are available to students prior to completing assignments.

How are Child Development courses online different than other online programs?

We believe in interactive participation of students and faculty. Classes are small; no more than 20 students. Faculty members participate actively in discussions, blogs and other activities. Students work in small groups that provide help and support for each other, much like face-to-face courses.  Students who have completed online courses frequently report satisfaction with the amount of interaction they have with professors and classmates.