Advisory Council & Faculty Affiliates

CEEIR Advisory Council // Photo by Dorothy Gartsman
The CEEIR Conference Team with Faculty Affiliates at February 2018 conference. Photo by Dorothy Gartsman, Campus Times.


CEEIR Advisory Council

Name and Title Phone Email
Kathy Elderson
Assistant Professor, Education
(909) 448-4715
Shana Matamala
Director, Teaching Fieldwork Experiences & Assistant Professor
(909) 448-4622
Adonay Montes
Associate Professor, Education
(909) 448-4705
Leeshawn Moore
Director, Institutional Research
(909) 448-4923
Kimberly White-Smith
Dean, LaFetra College of Education
(909) 448-4583
Christian Bracho
Faculty Diversity Liaison
(909) 448-4694
Yvette Latunde
Co-Director, Center for Educational Equity and Intercultural Research
(626) 214-5664

CEEIR Faculty Affiliates

Dr. Cleveland Hayes, Faculty Affiliate Chair and Professor at Indiana University-Indianapolis.

Dr. Nolan Cabrera, Associate Professor in the Center for the Study of Higher Education at the University of Arizona. Dr. Cabrera’s biography can be accessed here.

Dr. Mary Earick,  Associated Research Professor and Director, Holmes Center for School Partnerships and Educator Preparation; Chair, Council for Educator Preparation.

CEEIR Leadership Team

Dean, LaFetra College of Education

Dr. Kimberly A. White-Smith is Professor and Dean of the LaFetra College of Education (LFCE) at the University of La Verne (ULV), which houses more than $10 million in grants and donor monies to create innovative programming, unique district partnerships, and scholarships for students. ULV is a Hispanic Serving Institution, serving approximately 50% Latinx students and about 60% first-generation students. With more than 25 years of experience in urban education and teacher development, Dr. White-Smith is the intellectual force behind endeavors that foster academic justice for minoritized students through enhanced educational environments, organizational structures, policies, and teaching practices. She has authored articles, books, and book chapters on diversity, inclusivity, and leadership, such as, “That’s why I say stay in school”: Black Mothers’ Parental Involvement, Cultural Wealth, and Exclusion in their Sons Schooling, co-authored with Dr. Quaylan Allen. Her current book is Through the fire: From intake to credential, teacher candidates share their experiences through narrative, co-authored by Hayes, Fashing-Varner & Eisworth. It explores how teacher educators can better prepare teachers against a backdrop of historical schooling inequalities. Dr. White-Smith engages the national conversation on teacher education through critical positions. She is Vice-president of the California Council on Teacher Education (CCTE) and Member of the Board of Directors for the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (AACTE) and WestEd, a non-profit research lab that generates over $167M to study and transform education in the US.

Co-Director, Center for Educational Equity and Intercultural Research / Professor, Organizational Leadership

Dr. Latunde is a Professor in the Organizational Leadership Program and Co-Director of the LaFetra College of Education Center for Educational Equity and Intercultural Research (CEEIR) at the University of La Verne. As she has navigated higher education and public schools, she found herself needing to engage in frequent self-care and purposeful interactions with diverse communities, in order to thrive. Thus she uses mindfulness, and applications of hospitality to lead, teach, mentor, consult, and coach.

Over the years she has published and presented locally and internationally on family, school, and community partnerships. Dr. Latunde is the author of Research in Parental Involvement: Methods and Strategies for Education and Psychology and numerous articles. She is a part of a team engaged in coaching school leaders on applications of mindfulness, and is the lead consultant for the African American Parent Advisory Academy, out of Riverside County Office of Education. Some of the work she is most proud of are the K-12 faith-based partnerships she has helped to develop and facilitate, to improve the ways in which schools engage with diverse families. She is also proud of the significant role she has played in the formation of African American Parent Councils throughout Southern and Central California.